Anonymous asked:

Hey, your fursuit is super cute! I want to come out as a furry but don't know how to tell my parents, what do your parents think about your suit? I hope if I get a suit we can snuggle x

Being a furry isnt sexuality, out of anything its a hobby. You wouldn’t ‘come out’ as a Spider-man comic book reader, so why do you need to ‘come out’ as a furry.

My parents love my suit, and i your anonymous, so i dont know whom i need to snuggle ._.

Anonymous asked:

So, I'm really sorry if I seem super clingy, but I've seen a few guys on your FA page asking about Facebook. I also sent a request. All i really ask is a response of any kind. My fear of rejection has gotten so bad, I freak out if someone doesn't reply to even a message. XP Seriously, though, Ive been rejected and neglected for so long by so many people. Yeah, typical teenage drama, huh? So even just a one word reply would help me. God damn this sounds so... I DON'T KNOW THE WORDS GAH... bad. ye

It would be good if you wasn’t anonymous so i would know which friend request to accept :P