Anonymous asked:

There is one furry, ONE, that makes me speechless and want to hug him so bad because hes so adorable, cute, fluffy and loving. And that of course is a certain Cosmic Wuffy <3 Even your name is sooooo cute! GAH! I hope to meet you someday <3

Oh shush! Im blushing like mad! Im just a wuffy! There are so many better ones you could go hug! ^/////^

bellalupamoon asked:

If you go to a con and a random little wolf tackle hugs you, please, dont freak out, its just me! I love all your con pics and i really really want to go to one! Hope to see you and a bunch of other familiar faces at my first con! X3

Ill keep my eye open for little Snuggling wolfs! <3

And thank you soooo much!